Monday, January 7, 2013

Please Don't Turn Your Back On Him

When you see this child how can you not run to him?
  He is precious in His sight.
 Yet, another family member has turn their back to my child.  How can that be?
  He is precious in His sight.
On a crisp sunny Sunday afternoon  I saw it coming.  She saw him running to the crowd of family.  I knew she would turn her back to my child, her cousin.
He is precious in His sight.
I wanted to yell at her, don't do it, please don't turn your back to my child.
He is precious in His sight.
Before the words left my brain and out of my mouth, she turned away.
He is precious in His sight.
I stared in silence, in disbelief.  She went into the house and we never saw her the rest of the day.
What happened to you?  Why can't you talk to my child or even look at him.  Where did your love go?
Only those with true love in their hearts will never turn away from this child because
he is precious in His sight.
Today and forever I will surround my children with love so they will never turn their back to a precious child of God.
Territory Mom


The Castro Family said...

This ABSOLUTELY breaks my heart.
It infuriates me.
He was created so the works of God may be displayed in him. To turn your back on him is to turn your back on the face of God and works of his great love.
Can't you understand what great strides it takes a child like this to run to you? To invite you into their special world?! You have been given the chance to glimpse into a heart, a mind, a soul that many don't ever get the blessing to have.
This boy is very special to many of us. We cannot understand why people react the way they do, and I suppose we are better off not even trying.
BIG HUGS to you all...

Nicky said...

I wish I was there to console you. Thinking of you two and praying. May the Lord heal your heart and strenghten you in this trial. Much love and hugs.