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Reading Eggs Review

Recently I joined The Homeschool Lounge Moms Review Team in order to learn about and get free trials of homeschool curriculums.  I've spent too much money on products that haven't worked for us so I jumped at this opportunity.  The first product for review was Reading Eggs.  This is also my first review so here goes.

The program is divided into two groups based on age and reading levels.  Reading Eggs for ages 4-8 years and Reading Eggpress for ages 7-13.  Since Redbird is in first grade and has never been in a public school classroom and Rooster has well you know, issues, we went with the beginning Reading Eggs level.
You can have your child take the placement test first to find out their level.  Redbird started taking it and I was getting very excited because she was doing great.  About half way through the test Rooster was getting real eggs out of the frig so I had to leave the computer and take care of him.  When I got back Redbird was doing games on another site.  She said the test was boring.
Warning: Watch carefully during the placement test.
I was able to get Rooster set up with his own account which he enjoyed.  Even though he is on the spectrum he always wants to do the same thing as his sister.  I don't know about you but I believe Rooster is learning despite any diagnosis.  I just don't know at the time what he is taking in.  This is where faith has to take over.  While he is verbal he is shy when it comes to school so he just smiles when I ask him a question about the lesson.  He could give an answer today or a year from now.  I can't get frustrated (I try not to).  I just have to accept it and enjoy the adventure.  He stayed mainly in the "Playroom" where he could navigate around easily between stories, the alphabet and building super heroes.  If you have a child with autism I encourage you to still try Reading Eggs.  It is very visual with stories and music.  Rooster loved it and he was able to navigate the site which was encouraging to me.
Now to Redbird, my eggspert.
For Redbird it was a slow start with Reading Eggs but once she discovered that she needed "eggs" to buy stuff for her virtual house and garden she was off and running.  You earn "eggs" once a quiz is completed which can be used to buy things at Reggie's Store.  Well this was just the incentive Redbird needed.  She tells me that her favorite part is when a quiz is completed you get a charachter that emerges from an egg.  Her favorite one is Zapstar which is pretty sparkly horse, of course.  There are several quizzes per lesson/map.
Yesterday I was planting lettuce and Redbird comes out to tell me that she has been working on Reading Eggs.  Inside I'm so happy because I didn't even ask her to work on it.  Anyway I tell her great job and she tells me that she thinks she needs to go the Reading Eggpress because it is for kids ages 7 through 18 (okay she has a little vision problem it should be 7-13).  She tells me that she has to stop doing Reading Eggs when she gets 18.  Okay, sweet pea.
If we had completed placement test I might have know to set her up on Reading Eggpress.  So, if you are happy with your child is reading level then I would consider using Reading Eggpress level.
According to Redbird she loves Reading Eggs and it gets two thumbs up.  According to mom I think Reading Eggs is a great asset to your homeschool curriculum.  Especially if you are concerned about your child's reading level.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised and encouraged about how great your child is doing once they are doing Reading Eggs.  Who doesn't need a little encouragement?  I think there are plenty of lessons, games, music and just fun stuff to keep your child busy for quite some time.  All the lessons can be repeated which is great if your child just needs a little review every now and then.  Once a lesson/map is completed I received a email with Redbird's progress which is my favorite part.  The progress report tells me what Redbird has learned including letters, sentences that she can read and sounds.  It also includes a gold certificate that we can print at home.  My kids love certificates!
A big thank you to Tiany at The Homeschool Lounge and to Reading Eggs for this opportunity.  It has been fun yet educational.  So check out the 2 week free trial!

I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by The'>">The Homeschool Lounge Review Team. I received a 5 week membership to Reading'>">Reading Eggs to facilitate this review. All opinions stated are my own.
Have a great day.
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The Castro Family said...

Interesting! I'll have to pass this on to other spectrum mommies, seeing as how Rooster did so well!

And Redbird is so cute, ready to move on up! :)

I may just have to check this thing out!